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Structural Insulated Panel Garden Rooms and Structures

At GREEN LID Fabrication, we utilise market-leading Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) for Garden rooms and outbuildings.  Next-generation building systems provide trade installers with a solution to ensuring the time spent on site is kept to a minimum. Fabricated off-site at our Taunton, Somerset manufacturing facility.  

GREEN LID Garden Rooms

Trade Supplier of SIPS Structures

GREEN LID utilise SIPS Panels (or Structural Insulated Panels) which are manufactured using facings of OSB (oriented stranded board) with a filling of PUR (polyurethane) insulation.

These structural panels provide a labour & material-saving alternative to the traditional timber frame or masonry construction.

The insulation used in our panels is continuous and is not bridged by timber studs. This type of panel has been in use for over 50 years and they offer an energy-efficient building system that substantially reduces on-site labour times & cost.

Trade SIPS Kits

We supply the following in our SIPs Kit:

  • 100mm SIP floor panels
  • 100mm SIP wall panels
  • 150mm SIP roof panels
  • All glue, screws (for the corners & roof) & timber to complete the kit
  • Drawings (GAs for sign-off, production & assembly drawings)

You will need to/supply yourself:

  • Dig the footings
  • Level in 600mm x 600mm x 50mm slabs
  • Breathable membrane to cover the base prior to laying the floor
  • Breathable membrane to wrap the walls
  • Nails or 50mm screws
  • Windows & doors
  • Internal & External finishes, i.e. render, cedar cladding, weatherboarding, brick finish, or composite board
  • EPDM roof
  • Gutters & downpipes
  • Electrics etc

Trade Ordering

GREEN LID Fabrication supply trade installers with SIPS structures ready for installation:

Payment terms are 50% upon placing the order with the balance due prior to delivery. Lead times are currently around 3-4 weeks.

Delivery is charged at £1.25 per mile from TA2 6NS

Thermal performance U-Values:

• Thickness: 100 U-Value: 0.27
• Thickness: 150 U-Value: 0.17

Installation  and training service:

GREEN LID Fabrication provides an optional specialist contractor installation and toolbox training service. We can deliver and install the SIP structure onto your prepared foundations. Once our team is done, your installers can commence with the rest of the installation and they will have the skills required to confidently and independently install SIPS structures.

The GREEN LID Garden Room Collection

We aim to provide a shape and style to suit every requirement, if you can’t see what you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to contact our trade support team.



Length: 5000mm
Width: 3000mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 4200mm
Width: 3250mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 4800mm
Width: 3000mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 4000mm
Width: 3100mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 4400mm
Width: 2900mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 3700mm
Width: 3000mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 8200mm
Width: 3600mm
Height: 2500mm

Oaklands Garden Room


Length: 4900mm
Width: 3900mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 5500mm
Width: 3500mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 5200mm
Width: 3750mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 6000mm
Width: 4000mm
Height: 3600mm

Oaklands Garden Room


Length: 4900mm
Width: 4950mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 7300mm
Width: 3600mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 8000mm
Width: 3600mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 5500mm
Width: 5500mm
Height: 3900mm

Oaklands Garden Room


Length: 5500mm
Width: 3500mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 8700mm
Width: 4000mm
Height: 2500mm


Length: 7500mm
Width: 8500mm
Height: 2800mm


What are the weights of each panel?

Our approx weights are:

  • 100mm – 48kg
  • 150mm – 52kg
What are SIPs panels made of?

SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) are made using two facings of OSB3 (Oriented Strand Board) with a filling of PUR (polyurethane) insulation.

Are SIPs buildings sound proof?

They are better than timber frame (i.e. stud work). We have built recording studios using wood wall covering on top of our SIPs.

Are they fire resistant?

Our standard panels are not fire resistant, however you can clad them with plasterboard or CPB board to achieve a half hour fire resistance

What are the benefits of SIPs against timber framed builds?

Thermal performance, minimal Cold Bridging, minimal waste.

Do SIPs prevent Cold Bridging?

They are the most thermally efficient product at preventing Cold Bridging

What size building can be erected without planning permissions?

Up to 30 sqm2 internal area and under 2.5 metres if within 1 metre of the boundary and 4.5 meters if 2m away from the boundary

What can SIPs be used for?

Newbuilds, holiday homes, commercial property, classrooms, gyms, extensions, granny annexes, garden rooms, music studios – almost anything.

What bases can be used?

Studios – you can use the following bases: Concrete Base, Slabs, Helical Piles (Stop Digging) based on 1.5m centres.


  • No more than 1.5m apart
  • 450mm square hole – dig out and fill with dry lean
  • You need a pad in each corner and either side of the door opening
  • Minimum of 50mm rebate or gap between the dirt (ground) and the studio
How long can I leave my uncompleted SIPs build open to the elements?

We recommend that the OSB is covered as soon as possible with some sort of water proofing on the roof & breathable membrane on the external walls. The OSB 3 is waterproof for a short period of time (approx. a month).

What lighting is best used in SIPs? Can I use sunked spotlights?

You cannot use sunken spotlights as the thermal efficiency of the panel will prevent the bulbs from cooling making them overheat and fail, should you wish to use sunken spotlights you need to batten down from the ceiling to provide an air gap.

What size battening do I use for my cladding and how far apart do I have to space them?

Battening is predominantly 25mm x 38mm (nominal) at 600mm centres, this must be on all corners and reveals regardless of the distance.


SIPS Home Extension

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SIPS Garden Room

Next-generation building systems provide trade installers with a solution to ensuring the time spent on site is kept to a minimum. 

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