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For conservatories and single-story extensions

Ico600 is a low-pitch roof ideally suited for either modern lean-to design such as urban townhouses, or single-story properties like bungalows or cottages where the roof has to fit directly under the roofline.

Why Choose a Ico600?

Solid by name and by nature


The Ico600 uses traditional roofing material, combined with clever design solutions aimed at providing a lightweight, efficient product to be used for replacement or on new extensions.

Performance: U-value: 0.16 (can be reduced to 0.12 where required) – pitch: as low as 3 degree

ico600 kit

Your roof arrives on-site with 70% of the components pre-assembled, for a quick installation and minimum on-site disruption.

FSC Certified

All our structural timber is FSC certified, sourced from renewable, managed, sustainable forests.


Fully ventilated: The Ico600 delivers a ventilated solution, allowing air to circulate to prevent any condensation build-up.


Solid by name and by nature: choose an Ico600 in the knowledge that they have been structurally tested and approved, for your peace of mind.

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Energy Efficient

Thermal Insulation

The Ico600 has a thermal insulation layer located between the ceiling joists so that everything above the insulation (any roof space) will be colder than the living space below it. An Ico600 is constructed to ensure the empty spaces are well ventilated (as a traditional roof would be) to avoid condensation. By using 155mm EPS insulation we ensure that the “cold” from this roof stays well away from the room.

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Trade FAQ

How much does an Ico600 cost?

Down to our ability to buy materials in volume and our efficient production set up we are able to offer very attractive roof kit prices to our trade network.

How easy is it to fit?

The easiest and fastest lightweight tiled roof solution on the market today.

Do I need a building certificate?

LABC guidance for tiled conservatory roof replacements states that all replacement roofs require a building certificate. However, you may wish to contact your local Building Developments office as some offices have their own set of criteria.

Do I have to be LABC registered?

No, LABC registration can only speed up the administrative process but does not remove the requirement for a building certificate where required. The Ico600 is fully compliant and also system approved with a number of building inspectors where applications can be made online and certificate paperwork received within 2-3 weeks.

What technical support can GREEN LID Fabrication provide?

Supported by over 50 years of roof system design, fabrication, and installation experience, you are in safe hands with GREEN LID Fabrication. Why not enquire about our installer training program?

Do you offer any marketing support?

GREEN LID Fabrication offers a range of marketing support including point of sale, brochures, and samples. Why not join our recommended installer network?

How long will it take to complete the work?

Whilst no installation is the same, an average conservatory roof upgrade is completed within 2-3 days.

FAQ for Homeowners

Will I be able to use my room all year round?

Yes. The addition of an Ico600 roof can make your room up to 90 percent warmer in winter and 70 percent cooler in summer. Additional benefits include reduced noise pollution and no solar glare.

Do I need planning permission?

In most cases no. An Ico600 roof is fully compliant with building control regulations. The Ico600 is also system approved with a number of building inspectors to simplify the building control process.

Will the roof be too heavy for my existing frames?

No. An Ico600 is only marginally heavier than a glass roof. As per LABC guidelines (April 2016), if the structure shows no signs of distress, the existing foundations are likely to be adequate to carry the small additional loadings. Existing glazing and door support must also be reinforced.

Will my internal room feel darker?

Yes it is estimated you will lose between 5-10 percent of light. You may wish to incorporate one of our premium Velux roof windows with high performance glass to let in extra sunlight.

Is condensation a real issue?

Very much so, which is why an Ico600 is a fully ventilated system and uses timber that is both strong and has low thermal conductivity.

Will the roof be strong enough to stand on whilst I clean my windows?

Recent testing proved a 6.4m x 6.4m Icotherm roof could carry the weight of four modern Mini cars without showing any signs of movement.

How long will it take to complete the work?

Whilst no installation is the same, an average conservatory roof upgrade is completed within 2-3 days.


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